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A North Carolina First - Wayne Radiologists achieved another “first” in North Carolina by installing a Seimens Definition 128-slice CT scanner in January of 2007. This is the most advanced CT scanner in the world and the first of its kind in North Carolina (it was the fourteenth Definition installed worldwide). This CT scanner allows us to very rapidly scan the heart and obtain angiograms of the coronary arteries. It is an accurate, non-invasive alternative to diagnostic heart catheterization. It requires nothing more than a peripheral IV and 8-10 seconds of scan time (total test time is approximately 20-25 minutes).



CT Colonography - Wayne Radiologists was the first private practice radiology group in North Carolina to offer CT Colonography. This is a better tolerated alternative to barium enema and colonoscopy for colon cancer screening. It allows for a 3D evaluation of the colon and reliably detects polyps measuring 5 mm. or greater. This is also known as “virtual” colonoscopy because the 3D software allows the radiologist to “walk through” the colon and view it from the inside, in a fashion similar to colonoscopy.



Digital Mammography - Our practice was the first site in North Carolina to install full-field digital mammography. We now have over five years experience with this valuable technology. Our digital mammography suite represents an investment in sophisticated equipment that has allowed us to take better care of our female patients. Digital mammography has helped us to diagnosis early breast cancers in many patients. Early diagnosis gives a woman the best chance for a cure.


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